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RM300/30days(fixed days. no skip. no extend. exactly continueous 30days)
by advance reservation only. no walk-in guest allowed.
call 012-2313152(takeshi)
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10/Feb/2010 Updated
We've moved to Subang Jaya SS14! check location map on bottom of this page.

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What's Tanning?

i heard great news from my friend that ppl r discussing abt tanning salon! i went that forum to read and then try to answer their questions here. this web i made year 2001. no one was viewing those days.
i'm really sorry about less information until today.(feb 2009)

first of all. thanks for discussing about indoor tanning! i'll try to answer 1 by 1.
let me say sorry first about my english is still poor.

1,48hours thing
plz check this yahoo question. their answers are quite clear.
Resolved Question What happens if you don't wait 48 hours between tanning?D

everyone has different skin type. simple answer.
if you sleep on the beach with your friends, result will not be same.
it's nonsense if simply say a "number" for everyone.. not only between caucasian and asian. even between u and ur family also have different type skins.. should use words "usually" or "commonly"

usually tanned color will appear 1 or 2days after tanning session. commonly can't see result immediately. (someone can see. someone will not see even a month later)

i'm always telling to the 1st timer who try to take 30days plan that "plz try to come everyday. but let me ask ur skin condition in 2nd day and 3rd day by sms."

if guest told me that "skin is painful" or "skin is pink color", i'll advice them to stop 1day and will ask them again in next day. we have to worry about "sunburn" only when their beginning period. skin will not get burn once they got enough base tanned color.

but if their skin condition is normal in 2nd or 3rd day, they should continue. "feel itchy" is consider in process of get tanned. still can continue too.

because tanning is layer matter. fair skins reflect UV, tanned skins absorb UV. (do u still remember science class? "we should wear white shirts in summer season. becuz white reflect sunshine. don wear black. becuz black absorb sunshine.")

important and have to be careful period is only until u got base tanned skins. once stop before u get base tanned skins, color will gone. get back to the beginning time. u'll waste ur money too.

@plz note@
sun tanning and indoor tanning r same! both r using UV to get tanned. do u count 48hours when u r enjoying holiday in beach resort? why cant u take it easy? what i mean is "see how" i'll advice individually. and i've never said before that tanning is safe ofcos including indoor tanning. indoor tanning is just slightly safer if compare with sun tanning(that usually salon ppl says). but i personally dont think much different between them.

2,lotion thing
i should not say this loudly because it may disturb other salons business..

salons providing lotion has some reason.
*more a bit faster result
*keep moisture
*sell it and make profit
*to avoid guests to use their own oil

i avoided 1st and 3rd reason to offering my guests to get cheaper way that let guests to buy outside. because tanning result mostly depends on skin type and watts(bulbs) but not lotions. important thing is "keep moisture to the skin"
a bottle of aloe vera gel(around RM16 in any pharmacy) is good enough and it works.

@plz note@
quite many guests were misunderstanding abt "tanning lotion"
many tanning lotions named "dark","bronze" or "black" but it's just a name! we can't choose our tanned skin color green or blue or watever with lotion.
use the lotion that named "bronze" isn't means u can be bronze! haa...sigh..

due to my place became a private salon since 2003. no walk-in guests r allowed. because some guests are visiting here secretly. and i'm putting google map here. 100% of ppl could reach here with this map if they know how to view it. what 1st time guest needs to do r..
*make a reservation
*call or sms me when they reached those landmarks.
(i'll guide them on the phone)

hope u understand and don't be scared.
if u r still scared or suspicious, i can meet you outside maybe mamak or somewhere too.
but for ur info, many females also coming alone.

4,our rules
my place has only 1 bed machine now.
i'm trying to arrange 1guest for 1hour(usually my regulars say "slot")
1slot is 1hour. it's not means of guest can visit anytime within this 1slot.
because guest will take around 10mins for prepare for tanning session, another 20mins for tanning session, and another 20mins for cooling down the machine for the next guest.

due to those reasons, usually guest's reservation will automatically canceled if he late more than 15mins from his reserved time(except no reservation after his slot. but trying to expect this luck is kinda weird too)

The Penetration of Light into the Skin

Ozone layer(from wiki)

Although the concentration of the ozone in the ozone layer is very small, it is vitally important to life because it absorbs biologically harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted from the Sun. UV radiation is divided into three categories, based on its wavelength; these are referred to as UV-A (400-315 nm), UV-B (315-280 nm), and UV-C (280-100 nm). UV-C, which would be very harmful to humans, is entirely screened out by ozone at around 35 km altitude. UV-B radiation can be harmful to the skin and is the main cause of sunburn; excessive exposure can also cause genetic damage, resulting in problems such as skin cancer. The ozone layer is very effective at screening out UV-B; for radiation with a wavelength of 290 nm, the intensity at Earth's surface is 350 billion times weaker than at the top of the atmosphere. Nevertheless, some UV-B reaches the surface. Most UV-A reaches the surface; this radiation is significantly less harmful, although it can potentially cause genetic damage.

tanning(including indoor tanning) isn't safe. if do too much. ppl worry abt skin cancer should not go for indoor tanning too. but usually ppl ask me about "how harmful indoor tanning is?" go for outdoor tanning without concern.
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my sister's nail salon in sapporo, japan
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My salon introduced by asian big GAY community. youkoso!
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